Friday, February 5, 2016

Keeping Up The Color

The first week of February is when I pick up something to force bloom inside.  I've still got winter in my bones, but can't help myself from adding just a wee bit of spring in my home.

I like to watch the blooms slowly appear.  These tulip buds were completely unopened when I purchased them up at the grocery on Tuesday, but becoming more gorgeous everyday.

I also cut a few limbs of forsythia..... those are my favorites to watch!  The tiny yellow flowers are so sweet, but it will be at least a week before they start to show.

February also means pinks and reds.  I ordered this beautiful Noro Silk Garden Solo yarn and made these two shawls for the library gift shop.

I love them curled up next to my hooked snowdrop pillow.  I have clumps of snowdrops just starting to sprout outside.  Sooo looking forward to their little white heads!

I've been painting my little green flea market metal teapot for Jane LaFazio's class.  This first is continuous ink line to paper.  No pencil or picking up the pen until done.

Then I played around with my first effort that I really didn't like.  Instead of trashing it, I added some design and a bit of washi tape for interest.  Sort of dressed the poor thing up a bit.

I'm my best when surrounded by color and art.  Looking forward to Jane's next class that combines sketch booking and water color in a mixed medium format.  Practicing flowers right now.....  more later.

Happy Weekend!

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Making Things And Finding A Sparkle

Gorgeous day in the Ozarks!  Woke up to four deer in the yard and a groundhog on the brush pile.  Signs of a great day.

I got a bit ambitious this morning and finished my new Valentine's scarlet flirty ribbon shawl.  It's another fabulous Noro color in the cozy but lightweight silk/mohair blend.  Love this color!

I'm trying to decide whether to keep this beauty or take it to our wonderful library gift shop to sell.  Our gift shop, Between Friends, is just the best.  Money made from purchases go back to the library, plus there's no tax.  Win Win!

Having a blast in Jane LaFazios sketchbook and watercolor class.  I worked a bit with plants last week.

I picked some raggedy winter rose hips and rosemary.  Lots of improvement could be made, but I'll leave it alone for now.

Had a lovely evening of food, wine, and friends with my art group last week.  We took over the back room of Tea Bar and Bites and did some sketching and watercolor.

I did this little teapot.  Kind of sweet.

A good friend recently said "everyone's life needs a sparkle".  Well.... My sparkle came in an acquisition I made several months ago of a handmade primitive cabin (as in doll house).

My reason for wanting a doll house is rather long, and goes way back to childhood memories.  I'd lately seen several fabulous antique ones on Ebay, Etsy, and Instagram......but hugely expensive!  Then I found this one (well one like it but a different color) on Etsy made by the awesome company Gooseberry Creek Designs.  It's completely hand built, hand carved, with custom paint job and wonderfully distressed.  I just adore it!

Gooseberry also makes furniture.  Yesterday I received some new pieces.

I made a couple of little wool sheep to add some livestock.  I also added two little punch needle rugs that add just the perfect primitive touch.

The folks at Gooseberry (which I believe is just Candy and her husband) custom make all of it, and sign and date everything.  I'm getting ready to make my own little hand painted dishes out of clay.  It is my sparkle!

I'll end with this little gift sent to me by my friend Mary.  If you're a knitter or crocheter, I think you'll find this article very interesting!

Health Benefits Of Knitting

Have a lovely weekend.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Back Again

Hello!  It's been awhile, and to be honest, I thought I was done with blogging.  It seemed a bit like homework, and I've became enamored with Instagram that's so quick and easy.  Well..... it is quick and easy, and I see some of you out there and many others whose work I enjoy and find inspiring.  But, you just don't get the personal touch as you do with your blogger buddies.  Instagram is kind of Blogger's lazy sibling.  Lot's of pretty pictures, but no substance.  I still have been visiting blogs, and suddenly missed it all.  I missed the creative aspect of the writing, commenting, and layout that you just don't get with Instagram.  So..... enough said.  I'm hoping to become a bit more regular with my blogging, and a better visitor and commentor.  So Happy New Year! (ps..... still instagraming at dulcy stewart).

I'm very excited to have recently started an on-line watercolor journaling class with Jane LaFazio.  I'm working in my sketchbook, and trying to work fast without too much detail.  Here's a couple of my first tries.

This was ok, but struggled with the apple.  My past work with pastels made me want to blend and smoosh around.  It all ended a bit muddy.  So I played a bit more with the apple.

A bit faster, less smooshing.

My current goal (at least while taking this class) is to paint a bit everyday.  I really like Jane's free and fun style.  Plus her teaching on-line is very thorough, and even though the class seems large, she comments back on everyone's work.  Also, all of us comment to each other, so it's a nice little art community!

I've been using up shawl scrap yarn on a new knitting project.  Doing a log cabin pattern, and loving the blocks.  I'm hoping to have enough yarn to get nine blocks done.  Currently at seven.

They're just so gorgeous and fun to work with!  Great Noro Silk Garden yarn.

Speaking of shawls, this is my newest...... made for a friend who is gifting it.  We collaborated a bit on yarn and ribbon.  Fun way to work!

I don't have anything on the rug hooking frame at the moment.  I had a rug show for the month of December, and in preparation I put a few on painted canvas.  I've done this before, and really like the effect.  Here's one that I especially like.

Makes hanging easy if it's not a floor piece, and I like the addition of color.

So.... I think that's a bit of a catch up for now.  Hope all is well with you, and cozy and warm.
Stay safe!

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Home For The Holidays

Hello Friends!

Lovely crazy time of year, and enjoying every minute of it!  I haven't blogged in a bit, lately spending my days getting ready for a show followed by a holiday sale.  Just wanted to share a sampling of my fiber frenzy love.

Staying in the moment, trying to be quiet, spending time with family and friends, love being home.
Hope you're happy and well

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Break Time

Time for a break.
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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Blogging For The Better

Haven't blogged in a bit, and quite frankly, wondering "why bother?".  But... I've also cruised around from time to time checking out other blogs,  Instagram, facebook sites, Pinterest, and am always so amazed at all the creativity!  I love to follow wonderful artists at these sites, and occasionally will leave my own comments.  Sometime I'll get a reply back!  Whenever I feel a bit in a slump, something as simple as a few photos of great homes, gardens, art, and fashion are all I need to get back at it.  So.... (well now that my computer is fixed.... a pesky issue) I'll post a few photos of what I'm up to, and what is making me happy and feel creative.

I've been hooking a lot over the past few months, and just finished this small abstract landscape.

This piece was inspired by one of my husband, Jim Mayfield's, photos taken while traveling through the Netherlands last spring.

I've also had a lot of fun making pillows.  Here's a couple of girls.  Rosie and Violet.  They're about 18" tall and 10" wide.

I still have one more to do to make a set of three.  These will be for sale later next fall.  Speaking of owls, our friends called the other day and told us to get over quick!  New baby barred owls just emerged from the nest in their yard.  We jumped in the car and got there in time for a great viewing.  Jim grabbed several shots.

I'm still working on lots of shawls and a few bags.  Saving bags for fall sale, and shawls I've been selling in a couple of different shops.  Love the silk/mohair blend of yarn.  Light and soft!

Spending special time with family.  Just returned from Chicago where we had the most lovely time with little grand daughter Ruby, who just celebrated becoming two years old.


Of course, my favorite place to be is home.  It's garden time and I couldn't be happier than when puttering around the house and garden.  Here's a picture of our front and porch.  I'm using this shot for tags on my shawls. 

A view of the back yard after one of the many extended rains we're currently enjoying.

A sweet little guy resting in the front garden.

And one of our gorgeously brilliant hibiscus!

So.....passing on a long post to you in hopes of adding a bit of color and creativity to your day!


Saturday, May 2, 2015


Springtime At The Doorstep

Love the addition of the little fox head above the door

The hanging pine cones were sparkly and glittered.  The remains of holiday decorations with grand kids that I can't bring myself to cut down.

A few sweet wildflower volunteers reseeded themselves.

Our ever present very feral Firefly.  He's still here... and a bit on the chubby side...


Monday, April 6, 2015

Snowdrops and Rugs

One of my very most favorite flowers is the snowdrop.  I LOVE how it sits so patiently under the snow and freezing cold temps, yet still blooms it's pretty delicate white flowers.  I've been dividing a few plants around one side of my home under the kitchen window.  I didn't get pictures of them this year, but hooked this pillow instead.

I had lots of fun playing with wool and color.  I would love to have a whole field of snowdrops greet me each spring!

Rug hooking has had me in it's grips since Christmas!  I've finished four or five pieces.  I've been leaning towards more geometric patterns and some abstract.  Thought it would be easy.  Not in the least!  I guess I've hooked so many pieces with a motif of some kind over the years, that going abstract is kind of difficult.  But, I love the challenge, and love playing with color.

I made this piece and just couldn't live with it.

The photo is a bit enhanced, but what bothers me is several things.  First, I decided it would be a nice place to attach this little fiber collage I did years ago.  I've always like the little piece, but couldn't decide what to do with it.  So I thought the colors might look nice with this rug.  There is a lot of gold in the collage, which was not in the original rug.  It's color palette is mostly rusts, blues, creams, peach, and a bit of soft green.  Well..... #1 The collage just looks to stuck on and out of place, even though I tried to avoid that, and make it look like it belongs.  It doesn't.  #2  I added some gold into the background of the rug to tie in with the collage.  Just didn't work.  #3 I have that hideous, out of place horizontal line.  I had to hang this and live with it to see all that didn't work and bothered me.  So I made the necessary adjustments......

Took off the collage, took out the gold, took out a few lines so it didn't look so boxy.  And, I think it works better horizontal than vertical.  I now have another large abstract that's going to get "the treatment".  It's all in the practice, and as long as I've been hooking rugs, I'm still learning.


Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Luscious Color Leads To Lots Of Creativity

Spring is practically officially here.... and I've kicked it off by planting pansies, sorting through and replenishing bits of my wardrobe, and lots of hooking and weaving!

I've made a few more shawls.... and just LOVE the ribbon addition!

The one above I paired with this sweet little bag (bag already sold).  Love all the greens, pinks, and blues...... I made this same one below, minus ribbon, as a gift for my friend Maria.  She just moved to Greece and I felt the luscious greens and blues were the perfect colors to go with her new life.

Recently dragged home the sweetest new find!  This pretty little shabby, but much loved, velvet chair.

My latest hooked piece fit perfectly on the back.  Size and colors!

Of course, the addition of a new chair means new slip covers for the previous chair that was in that corner, as it's been moved.  I'm feeling the need for lots of springtime updates.  Love heading into my studio for new possibilities!


Sunday, February 22, 2015

My Husband, Jim Mayfield

There's a wonderful article about my very talented husband, Jim Mayfield.  You can read it here.