Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Destination Eureka Springs

Hubby bought a new car a month or so ago, and we haven't had the weather or time to take it on a short road trip.  This past weekend was perfect with temps in the 60's, so we hopped in and headed to a favorite little village south of here, Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

Eureka is a small very old community nestled into the the side of an Arkansas mountain.  It's Victorian and rose around the properties of it's healing spring waters.

Above is one of the old bath houses.  Eureka has been a home to artists and mystics over the years.  I've enjoyed many trips and the wonderful characters I'd see about.  Much of that has changed as it's become the destination of tourists, B&B's, and motorcycles.  But the spirit is still there.

We discovered this little cave, many of which are accessible throughout the town.

Once inside we found this sweet little altar.  I think it would make a lovely painting.

This little yellow cottage has always been one of my favorites.  The size can be deceiving as many of the homes drop 2 and 3 stories below the street built into the mountainside.

Finding the quirky and odd is still pretty easy in Eureka.  Nothing says "Christmas" like a dino dressed in lights!

There used to be a theater production called "The Passion Play" which I believe has been closed for a long time.  But the symbolism remains on the mountaintop.

The mountainside gardens are beautiful, well kept, and lovely even in the dead of winter.

Eureka has nice galleries and shopping, but we chose to use our day for a hike through this hilly burg.

We were married in Eureka 12 years ago on the winter solstice.  Our tiny private ceremony was in what was then known as "The Old Stone Church".  It's now a theater.  Very fitting transformation to this lovely old structure.

We had a wonderful day, and of course I took my current knitting project with me, just in case!


Saturday, January 10, 2015

Friends, Food, Family, and Art

It's been a great start to 2015!

Took Ava to a New Year's Eve party at my friend's house..... not to worry, that's sparkling grape juice.

Working on new ribboned shawls.  These two are for the shop.

I just love choosing the ribbons that will work with these.  Great fun with color!

Had the most fabulous afternoon sketching away with friends Mary and Tammy.  We haven't had a good sketching session since before the holidays.  I'm so remiss to not get their pictures today or their sketches, but will next time.  It was the perfect combo........friends, food, and art!

Another great start to the year was receiving my new piece of mixed media art by artist, Heather Murray

So sweet..........

And Iris enjoying a beautiful sunset to end the day (plus a bit of warming temperatures......)


Sunday, December 28, 2014

Doorstep Creations and Serena

Our home has been happily full of children and family, and still is off and on for the next week or so.  It's been wonderful, but I love this post holiday quiet time of year.  The new year looms, and I'm excited yet peaceful.  I'm already looking ahead to the greens of springs, but so enjoying the winter browns and golds.  Christmas brought me this lovely lady to reside with us.  She came already named, Serena.

I think she'll be happy here.

I've been rug hooking and playing with designs and colors.  I did this piece and incorporated a little fiber collage I made a few years ago.  I had acquired the piece of antique paisley, and instead of cutting it to hook, I kept it whole and worked it up into this rug. 

I made these bags awhile back, but recently added the pretty vintage-like ribbons.  Have sold a few that were very similar, but decided to keep these for myself.  I find that I don't keep many of my smaller creations, and later wonder "why?".

I did the same with my flirty ribbon shawls.  I've made five, and sold every one.  I didn't take a picture of any of them!  But I was SO happy to have moved two shawls on to a lovely lady visiting here from Mississippi.  She had the most fabulous vibe about her, and I was honored to connect and share a creation of mine with such a lovely person.  The following is a shot of one of my shawls that is long gone.  But not to worry!  Another is currently on the loom. 

Hoping to get back to my sketching this week, and out and about with my sketching buddies, Mary and Tammy.  I feel really rusty! 

Lovely New Year's Wishes,

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Calming Books and Beauty Oil

Hello!  Such a busy time for many of us, so I'm going to share a few "lovely" things that are making me content, calm, and happy.

Firstly.... a couple of wonderful little books have come my way.  I've been reading gobs of fiction lately, and these two little gems are a nice change of pace.

The first is The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing by Marie Kondo.

This is more than your average organizing system.  Actually it's way more than that.... so far it seems to be about decluttering not only your space, but life in general.  The author teaches her method all over the world, and it's just a nice peaceful read.  Great for this time of year and excess.  Even if you don't feel you have clutter, there's plenty to learn and a different take on organizing.  You can find it here.

Another book I've got in my pile is The Gifts Of Imperfection: Let Go Of Who You Think You're Supposed To Be An Embrace Who You Are by Brene Brown.  I've just started this one, but I'm liking where she's going, and her happy writing style.  You don't have to be in the middle of a "life drama" to get something wonderful out of this book.

You can find this one here also.

Okay..... here comes the beauty part!  It's all about oil, especially in the winter.  I've almost completely given up on lotion because oil seems so much better for winter skin (well.... and summer too).  Here's a couple of products I've been using.

The first I discovered when reading a book by one of my favorite "common sense" authors, Mireille Guilano.  She writes about an oil called Aragon Oil.  I've been using it daily (actually throughout the day) on my face, nails, and hair for over a year.  Oh Gosh!  I love this stuff!  I know Walgreen's carry it, but too expensive.  I buy pura dor' and one bottle lasts a good year.  I buy mine here.

Another new oil that I'm so pleased to have found is......

Dr. Teal's Olive Oil Bath & Body Treatment.  You can find this about anywhere.  I came across it at the market.  It smells heavenly, and no oily residue.  The price is right too!

So.... just a couple of "happys" to share with you over these holiday times.


Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Holiday Studio Show

If you're in the area, this will be a nice show to attend.  My husband, Jim Mayfield, will be displaying his work along with several other talented area artists.  Hope you can make it by!


Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Tansy Aspinall And The Gorillas: Reunited At Last! - OFFICIAL VIDEO

Watching this video makes me so happy!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving......

Monday, November 17, 2014

Cold, Ribbons, and Studio Time

It's all arrived!  Cold, wind, snow..... the holidays!  Very busy in studio, home and at work.  No time lately for blogging, but wanted to get something out before Thanksgiving and related busyness sets in.  I've been playing with my triloom and shawl making.  Added some ribbon embellishment, and quite happy with the results.

This pretty coral/green combo sold the first day I took it into work at the Vintage Suitcase.  I've since sold another in blue and rosy jewel tones, have another in the shop in lovely shabby antique creams, and one on the loom in grays, blacks, and lavenders.  It's great fun to choose all colors, sizes, and textures of ribbon for the embellishments.  Some I tea dye, but all I scrunch up wet and let dry all wrinkly and crinkly.  We have the best ribbon assortment in the shop you'll find just about anywhere!

I've been knitting mittens with crocheted pretty ribbon borders.

I'm currently knitting my fourth pair!

Of course, always rug hooking.  Tammy and I organized a little hook in at Ivy Jeans a week ago.  I began this piece.

I think I'm going to incorporate the collaged fiber piece that's next to it somehow.  I did that piece a couple of years ago to use this sweet little swatch of antique paisley.  I hope it will come together well, and for once, have the perfect place for it.

Loving Sketchbook Skool.  I've been sketching in public places with friends Mary and Tammy, who are also taking the class.  As you can see, wine is usually involved.....

Heading back out into my cozy studio for some more weaving.  Stay warm, and have a lovely Thanksgiving!


Monday, October 27, 2014

Bike'n With My Buddy

We went up north to bike parts of the Katy Trail and had a wonderful little trip.  I think mini trips are my favorite.  A few days from home in the fresh air, the Missouri River, wineries all over the place, great food, and my best friend Jim.

A very small sampling of the many photos we both took.  These are all mine, except the one of me that Hubby shot.

The gorgeous Missouri River, maybe a bit of what Lewis and Clark saw.  Awesome views from the winery (and great wine, some of which made it home with me.....)

Hubby taking a break from his bike to photograph. 

Me taking a bike break to do a quick little painting.

A couple of shots from the great old hotel we stayed in the first night.  I'll share some of the B&B we stayed at in a later post.  All was lovely!

Saw many wonderful barn quilts!

Vibrant fall colors galore!

Spooky little tunnels to bike through......

And to close...... grabbed this shot yesterday evening on our way home from dinner.  The crescent moon is always my favorite!

Happy Fall!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Fall Finds and Daily Color

Fall continues to be brilliant!  It's a gorgeous Monday following a fabulous and fun weekend.  Today is a bit rainy and cloudy, but colors pop even more when everything is damp and the sky is grey.  I finally finished my latest hooked piece.  It's big and it's red!  My original plan was that it was to be a wall piece as there's quite a bit of 3D going on.... but for now it's on the floor in front of the fireplace.

Kinda crazy, but I just wanted to hook color and texture.  It's full of not only wool, but silk, velvet, various yarns, metallics, sari silks, and some cotton.

And you can see the beginnings of mittens I'm knitting.  This is just the first of a pair.  I wove in the silk ribbon for a bow, and will crochet the same ribbon around the cuff.  Just doing a bit of experimenting.  Hope to make a few pairs for The Vintage Suitcase, gifts for family and friends, and a pair for myself.

Speaking of The Vintage Suitcase, I grabbed this shot of our "sweet" new bakery at work the other day.  Needed to be quick before the customers started to arrive!

In the shop part of the Suitcase, we carry a nice selection of art papers and vintage look silk ribbons.  I was playing around with a cone made of doggie themed paper at work the other day to sell in the shop.  But, after I finished I decided to purchase it for a Christmas present (can't mention anymore about that here....shhhh...)

Love making these things!

And..... it's hedge apple season again.  My favorite color of fall!  My sweet husband picks these up on his outings and brings them home for me.  They don't last too long, but so gorgeous!

I just had to do a quick little watercolor in my sketchbook....

I love sharing the little things I make and do here in the Ozarks, and I so enjoy visiting all the other fantastic and creative blogs out there.  Such a great source for inspiration, education, and friends!  Thanks for popping by!